Friday, May 28, 2010

The First Day Of School

Me and my baby boy on his first day of school, he cried a lot on his first day of school. It wasn't easy for me to watch him cry, so I cried too. Now the school is almost over and he is going to first grade on the next school year. My little boy is growing too fast and he is learning a lot at school.

It seems like it was just yesterday when he started kindergarten. Now he is on his way to first grade. I am so proud of my kids for being so good at school. Anyhow have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Get Together

We are having a get together on Tuesday with my teacher and classmate on citizenship class. I am planning to cook Filipino foods and bring something for the kids to play with. It will be fun to see them again with their family also. Couple of my classmate will be leaving Jacksonville soon. This would be like a going away party for them.

I was reading about the apidexin reviews and it is very interesting especially for me because I am trying to lose more weight. I can use anything that works to help me lose the extra pounds I have. Anyway my week will be busy next week. I also volunteer at school for the family fun night. The kids can enjoy a lot of different kind of games. My kids are very excited about it. Hubby will be watching them while I volunteer to help.

Super Late

I am still awake and it's already midnight. I can't sleep so I decided to sit here and blog. I am hoping that it will help me fall asleep if I think too much on what I have to write here. I was thinking about going on facebook, but I did not go there. Once I start playing there I won't be going to bed until 5 in the morning.

I am getting sleepy now but once I lay in be I can't sleep. I need my beauty sleep and it seems like it's hard to get it. I need to take something to help me sleep. I can hear my kids snoring and that make me feel sleepy too.

No School

We are enjoying the 4 day weekend. Today the kids woke up so early and asked me if they can play water balloon. After the water balloon we did a belly slide until both of my kiddos got tired. I did cleaned our living room and family room today and now I am happy lol. My kids help me moved the furniture around and the boy volunteer to help me vacuum the floor.

Tomorrow is another day to clean and do something with the kids. I was reading about weight loss success stories and it makes me feel like one of them lol. I did lost a lot of weight but I still need to lose about 20 to 30 more pounds. I am crossing my fingers for it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scarlet KingSnake

When we are taking a walked last weekend hubby found this snake. Of course he is not going to let it pass him. So there he is picking the snake up and he carries it around with while we are walking. The snake was really cool I love the color.

Before we went home hubby brought the snake back to the woods. I guess the snake was so happy that hubby put him back to the woods where he belongs. Actually hubby saved that snake from the people who is riding bicycles. They almost run over the snake good thing hubby got it before they do. Now the snake is safe and sound in the forest.

We Had Fun

We had fun playing in the park today. After we ate our dinner we went to the park near us. Hubby and the kids was riding with their bicycles and I was doing my ran. It was very beautiful out there and all of us had so much fun. Now I am so tired and ready to crash on the bed. My son is asleep already and snoring on the couch. The daughter is still wide awake watching movie with daddy.

My friends do you need a business insurance? If you do you might want to checkout You can get insurance quote on their website for your convenient. So if you need one, just visit their website. Anyway my boy must be so tired to be knock out so early. That is good though so he can get enough sleep and not giving mommy a hard time in the morning.


I took this photo yesterday morning after the rain. It was so beautiful it come out at 7 in the morning. I woke the kids up and show them the rainbow, my girl was so happy to see it. My son was still so sleepy so he really didn't care much about it. Anyway I was just happy that the rain stop right when we go to school.

Can't keep my eyes open now. I got tied up playing on the farm and now it is way late and I am tired. Gotta finish writing tomorrow and get all the work done. Right now I am heading to dream land.

Getting Ready To Make Dinner

My chicken is thawing right now. The kids want a chicken adobo with white rice for dinner. Tonight they are having a filipino food for dinner. I am still sticking into my diet plan which is eating a salad only for dinner. Maybe I can have a little bite of the chicken adobo lol. Okay here we are my kids are going crazy now playing with their balls. They are riding it around her in the family room.

Anyhow have you heard about the hemorrhoids treatments? If you are having problem about hemorrhoids visit for the top rated hemorrhoid treatment reviews. I read about hemorrhoid and it's actually very painful. Anyway I have to get up and cook dinner now. The kids are hungry and my son is bugging and asking me if he can help me cook the rice.

Dark Picture

The picture above was taken last Sunday night at the park near us. In the picture is my friend from Panama and her children. We had fun at that night walking. We did not have a second picture because our camera man (hubby) was so busy holding a snake that he pick up a long the way.

I will share the picture of the snake in my next post. It was a beautiful king snake so colorful.

Raining Again

Right when I go out to pick up the kids at school the rain start. It's kind a weird because when we arrive home the rain stop. I guess I still have time to go to the park after dinner. My son is done with his homework and now I am just waiting at my daughter to be done with her homework. Anyway if you are looking for a bad breath treatments. Visit to see which one is best for your needs.

I am so tired right now and feeling so sleepy. But I have to cook dinner and take care of the kids. They also want to go to the park with me later. I'm wondering if my friend wants to come to join us in the park. I texted he and now I'm just waiting for her reply.

Glass Collection

Now I have the shrek forever after glass collection from mc donalds. I want to go back and buy another set of it. That way if my kids break one I can have a replacement. I hope that the next time we go back there they still carry the glass. I like it because it's a thick glass and very colorful.

My son always use the cat one and my daughter use the donkey. Of course hubby is shrek and mine is princess Fiona lol. I have to go and pick up my kids gotta continue working when I come back.

Bonding With Friends

It was a fun day for me today. My friends and I went to the store to look around. I had a great time with them. Now I'm back home and soon I have to go and pick up the kids. I haven't done my exercise yet now I have to do it in the park later. I have a few friends that use a diet pill, the only thing I am worried of the side effects of diet pill. I have to see if they have any side effects on the one that their using right now. I think I am okay without it as long as I continue my daily routine.

I will do my run later while the kids are biking that way they can catch up with me. I just hope that they don't get tired and start whining. I have to put the bicycles in my car so I don't have to do it later.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Father and Son

Finally my boy like to go fishing with his daddy now. He always remind his dad to bring his rod so he can fish too. Hubby want to fish offshore but the kids are too afraid to go. Both doesn't like the wave and my son get sea sick so easy. So we need somebody to watch them if we want to go offshore.

Even me I get so scared to go offshore lol. We got caught by a big storm like 3 times already and it was very frightening experience.

Pouring Rain

It was pouring so early in the morning today. The good thing is that the rain stop by 7am. Now the sun is so bright outside and I feel like going out there and do some Jogging. I like it when it's not too hot. I probably go out there later when I'm done with my chores. Father's Day is fast approaching and the kids doesn't know what kind of present they can give to their daddy yet. I will show them later the stuff for fathers day at Proflowers. I check it out today and they have so many nice stuff there for daddy's. Gosh I keep yawning in here, I did not get enough sleep again last night.

I need to catch up with my sleep later. I have so much cleaning to do at the kids bedrooms. They can make a huge mess in short period of time ggrrrrrrr. Now the mommy's job is to tidy up the room so they can make a mess again lol.


My daughter was so happy to go hiking because her bff joined us. She couldn't wait to go hiking knowing that her bff is coming. It was a good walk and we had fun listening on birds and bugs noise. It was a little hot but it's okay because there was a lot of breeze coming from the ocean side. My daughter can't wait for weekend again so she can play with her friend again.

My girl can ride her bicycle now without the training wheels. It took her forever to try it without the training wheels. But then last Sunday hubby took the training wheels off and we try to help her until she got her balance. Yesterday I was surprise watching her paddling the bike without falling. Now we are trying to help our son to do it too. He tried yesterday and he need a lot of practice.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is almost here and the whole family can't wait for our vacation. I am so tired right now and I am ready to go to bed. Just waiting for hubby to get done working then we are off to bed. The kids are in bed and now we are having our little quiet time. Anyway check out Branson vacation package for your summer vacation. I'm sure most of the families in the U.S. are planning a summer vacation to get out in the house for a few days. We are one of those family and we can't wait for it to come.

Kids are almost out of school and we are ready to face the summer. But not the heat of the summer sun hehehe. I have to get ready for bed now. Tomorrow is another day to look forward and I hope it won't rain. Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tiny Fish

Look at this little tiny fish that I caught on my cast net last weekend. I remember Philippines when I saw this fish. We always buy the dried version lol. I just hope I caught more, then I can dry them out so I can have a homemade dried fish. Hubby and the kids was wondering why I brought those little fish home hehehe.

I am hoping that we are going to have a nice weather this coming weekend. Also hope that the big fish will start to bite. Anyway I have to go out to do some running the sun is getting hot already. I am tired on my treadmill so I have to try to run around the neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Picture Picture

While waiting for a fish bite my daughter played on my camera and taking pictures of us. Sorry about the quality it's kind a blurry she was moving around while taking the picture. She was waiting for the dolphins to come out the water so she can take pictures but no luck. Every time she put the camera down the dolphins come out the water lol.So finally she got tired and just took a pictures of his brother and me.

Anyhow we are in the middle of the week already. Can't believe how the days fly so fast tomorrow is Thursday then weekend again. anyway I better get off her and start my exercise routine.


I am so sleepy right now I went to bed so late last night. I should not drink that tea with caffeine on it. It makes me stay up until midnight. I haven't done my exercise yet and now I am feeling so tired and sleepy. I have to workout a little bit more harder to loss more weight. I am not satisfied with the result yet although a lost a lot already. I don't know why, but I am still feel so huge lol! I guess that is good in a way so I can keep up on my diet plan.

MY friend is using lipovox to help her lose weight. I even asked her if she experience any lipovox side effects. She told me so far is good no bad side effects and she is happy of the result while taking it. It seems like this is the year that most people want to be healthy I have a lot of friends that also losing weight. I told hubby I need to loss at least 30lbs more and he said no only 5 more pounds. I am still setting my mind to to that 30 more pounds goal. Good luck to me hehehe.

Our Little Fisherman

We noticed that our son is enjoying our fishing activity now. He always asked his daddy to bring his fishing rod. I remember before every time we go fishing he gets so bored and always wanted to go home. But lately all of that changed he is now an official fishing buddy of hubby.

They only thing that he doesn't like is the boat riding. Every time we hit a big wave he gets so scared and start screaming to hubby to slow down lol. But other than that he is a good fishing buddy.

Great News

My youngest brother is going to be a father soon. My goodness I can remember him as a little boy like my son. But now he is going to be a father soon. I am so happy for him! I want him to have a baby boy because we have a lot of girls already lol. Really anything a boy or girl as long as it's healthy.

Also I am so happy for my friend she just had a baby too. She is very happy of her new baby. She was looking for a baby eczema treatment I hope that she found one that can help her and her baby. She said she already try a couple of medicine but it's not working. Anyway I hope to talk to them soon. It always makes me happy when I hear good news from my family and friends.

Hooked A Fish

Hubby caught a bluefish Last weekend when we fish on mayport river. we did not had a lot of bite but we enjoyed the day relaxing on the boat. The kids was fishing too! We did not go fishing until almost noon so the bite was really slow. I guess we have to be there early next time if we want to catch a fish.

Anyway the most important thing is that we had fun. My son and I was dancing around in the boat while hubby is fishing lol. We played the music on my cellphone and my boy want to dance so we give it a try. It was really a fun day!!!

Almost Summer

Here in Florida we already feel the heat of the summer sun. I already had my first sunburn of the year lol. I am getting the kids ready now for school. While waiting for them to get done on their breakfast I can use a little blogging time. I have a lot to write but not much time to do it.

So here I am trying to get it done a little at a time. Anyway are you using a reward card? One of my card is a reward card and we really like the rewards that we're getting from it. But the thing is, you need to spend to be able to collect the rewards. Anyway I guess it's better than nothing. I need to get off here for now and get ready to drop the kids off to school.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We went fishing last weekend and caught a lot of mullet, red fish and black drum. It was a lot of fun reeling those fish. That night we had a yummy fish dinner. I am one lucky mommy that both of my kids love to eat fish. I am hoping we will have a good time again fishing and hiking next weekend.

Anyway I am so tired today I chaperoned my son on his field trip. He had so much fun and most especially the bus ride he love it lol. He enjoyed spending time with mommy. I can't believe how much he grows.